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It was my first time, too, but nothing about it seemed scary or daunting. I was ready, but really nervous about my experience level."Caitlyn, 19, Kentucky Relationship length: two months Waited: 1.5 months"I knew I was ready when I started daydreaming and fantasizing about doing it.

I mean, it was kind of awkward, but the first time always is, so I don't think I would have changed anything."Hazel, 20, California Relationship length: one month Waited: first date"I guess I didn't actually know until it happened.

Alex, 24, Los Angeles Relationship length: 6 years Waited: One night."We were friends first, and beyond the undeniable chemistry, we had both communicated that we wanted to [have sex], so it felt right.

No regrets."Stephanie, 25, Brooklyn Relationship length: 1 year, 3 months Waited: Three dates"I knew I liked/trusted him from the moment we met.

We were co-workers/friends for six months before anything romantic happened between us, but after hanging out twice after work (I would call those hangouts official 'dates'), we finally slept together on our third date.

I wouldn’t do anything differently."Jennifer, 24, Philadelphia Relationship length: Two years Waited: Two weeks"We had been getting along really well and they made me feel wanted.

We were on a rooftop stargazing while on spring break and the air was really crisp, but he was so warm.

Besides, it wouldn't really change my relationship anyway."Cheyenne, 25, Maine Relationship length: one year Waited: one day"I wanted sex, therefore I had it.Natural progression of love, friendship, and comfort with intimacy. But I don't regret waiting as long as we did, though we might seem abnormal."Alexis, 21, State College Relationship length: three years Waited: one week"We had sex the second time we were together.I met him at a fraternity day-long [event], and then left a party with him the following week. He was really nice and we actually had a somewhat intelligent, real conversation before having sex, which is something that doesn't happen often when college guys are trying to just have sex with you.With Americans staying single longer than ever and singles outnumbering their married counterparts, there really is no norm nowadays when it comes to the timing of sleeping with new partners.According to Pew Research Center, as of 2007, only 38% of adult Americans believed premarital sex was wrong, a number that’s likely only gotten smaller in recent years.

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(FWIW, studies suggest that there’s good reason to get it on as soon as possible if you want to cash in on awesome honeymoon-phase sex.)Like we said, there’s no “right” time; deciding when you’re ready to have sex with someone is really a different-strokes-for-different-folks kind of thing.

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